What is Perspective?

PERSPECTIVE (noun): true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion.

That's exactly what we are here to offer you, a new perspective on the world and on what you're going through. To help you realize the chaotic picture the media paints isn't really that bad. To help you realize you're not alone and that there is "good" in the world. We're here to help, to paint a realistic, optimistic, and positive picture of the world.

Why Positive Stories?

In reality, violence in past few years has decreased and the quality of life for many people has improved. In the United States alone there has been a downward trend in violent crimes from 1990 to today.  Even so, our 24-Hour news cycle never seems to reflect this reality because negative news is typically faster and more compelling to journalists while positive news is typically slower. Therefore, journalists tend to focus more on negative news than on positive news.

The fact is that seeing these negative stories constantly has terrible effects on our mental health. Negative news can affect someone's mood especially if the story focuses on suffering and emotional components.  Also, viewing this negative news can lead you to see your own personal worries as more threatening and severe. In addition, some people can experience PTSD-like symptoms after seeing negative news. It’s important to note that things like depression, anxiety and other PTSD-like symptoms are not as likely to occur to an individual after seeing negative news if they have not previously dealt with one of these conditions. But being constantly exposed can lead to pessimism and world-weariness that leads to us seeing the world in a negative state, ignoring everything that's going right in the world. 

Thus why Perspective was created.


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