Realistic Solutions to Gun Violence

What can realistically be done about Gun Violence?

The heated debate over gun violence and gun control seems to only be getting worse with no realistic solutions in sight, or in the media. Do Not Stand Idly By might just be on to something with their answer to gun violence.

They have taken a market-based approach, in part to the fact that 40% of guns purchased in America are purchased with public funds  (a.k.a by American taxpayers.) They are purchased by both the United States Military and Law Enforcement. “Do Not Stand Idly By” asks them to use their buying power to get information from gun manufacturers in two areas:

1. Investing in developing safer guns.

2. Stop doing business with dealers who are responsible for the majority of guns retrieved at crime scenes.

Both Mayor Kathy Ehley and the Police Chief Weber of Wauwatosa have signed on to support the campaign. Do Not Stand Idly By is a campaign of Common Ground, a local organization here in Southeastern Wisconsin. The campaign has around 120 states, cities, and counties signed on. Once, “Do Not Stand Idly By,” has enough support they will go to gun manufacturers and demand information about how they are trying to make their guns safer; threatening to stop doing business with said gun manufacturer if information isn’t provided or is not up to par.

You’d be surprised at how many people around you have been affected by gun violence. When I sat down with Linda Reid to talk about how she had gotten involved with the campaign I learned that she too had been affected by gun violence, “For about 8 years I was a high school math teacher outside of Chicago and I worked at a school in Maywood, Illinois. It is a pretty tough city and 3 of my kids (students) were murdered by guns. They were sitting in a car then someone came up to the car and shot them. It was in August before he was leaving for college. That was 10 years ago. It’ll be 10 years this August. It just broke my heart,”.  Around three years ago the Reids moved to Milwaukee and retired. It was then that Linda found out about the campaign and got involved.

Although it seems as Gun Violence is at a all time high and there isn’t an easy solution, just remember that, “Do Not Stand Idly By,” and other campaigns like it are working hard on realistic solutions to the gun violence. To get involved and to see exactly what leaders across the country are signing and supporting check out:


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